Avery on Hawksbill

From Only A Dream

To Over 1,000 Miles!

Six people met and organized the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club in 1927 in Washington, D.C.

The founders included Myron Avery, without whom the Appalachian Trail and, arguably, the Appalachian Trail Conference would not exist as they do today. J. Frank Schairer, another founder, quickly gave up his role as Treasurer and took on the task of Supervisor of Trails. This at a time when those trails did not exist.

The 7,000 men and women who are today the PATC follow the vision of a very crusty New Englander, Benton MacKaye.

Harpers Ferry (1942)
Red Triangle Club (1935)
Red Triangle Club
Herman Nolte (1936)
Marian Lapp & Katherine Fulkerson (High Acre 1940s)
Charles Thomas, Charlie Load, Lois Kirby, and Frank Beatty 1952
Frank Schairer & Bill Burton (1952 Skyland Conference)
Myron Avery (1952)
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