Trail Overseers

trail overseer

The Trail Overseer is a highly valued individual who routinely gives of herself or himself-in terms of personal time, devotion, and commitment.

Individuals appointed by the PATC Supervisor of Trails recruit, train, and support the people who volunteer and maintain assigned sections of club-maintained public hiking trails.

However, it is up to the trail overseer to take his or her time to travel—at personal, unrecompensed expense—to monitor and maintain that section of trail. The overseer also purchases her or his personal equipment and food for the privilege of working on the trail.

It is a privilege, indeed, to take “ownership” of a trail section. The overseer learns every linear inch of the section he or she maintains. Every dip and swale means something; each view point or overview fills the heart and soul.

Hey, we’re gonna sweat, anyway; why not sweat for a purpose that is greater than self?

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