An Appreciation of Trail Maintenance

Tree Huggers Unite!
The crew started at the trailhead in the meadow
Andy cleared the base of the post in the former orchard
and he painted these blazes
Another post in the former orchard
The Summit Sentinel
We paid attention to detail
Lunch on Little Calf summit
Wild Ginger
Showy Orchis
Jack in the Pulpit
May Apple
Andy's crew at the Great Oak

Ms. Briana Taylor wrote, in part, of her new experience with A.T. trail maintenance: “In addition to laughter and conversation, the “thank yous for what you do” from the occasional through hiker made the work not only enjoyable but a reminder of just what PATC really does. A few times I imagined how comforting that white blaze must be when in a particularly long and wooded stretch. And the posts, freshly painted, seemed to be subtle but encouraging sentries of civilization to fellow nature enthusiasts—welcoming hikers on to the next stage of their journey.”

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