Loft Amphitheater to Doyles River Trail

First, we learn how to safely use the Stihl brushcutter
David is geared up & ready to go
Now David clears brush
So does Heather!
Jeanne lops vine and branches
Iva follows up, fine-tuning the work
Heather clips encroaching briar
John, Jack, and Decker at lunch
This is either a conference or a conspiracy...
Charlottesville Chapter & Flying McLeods eat lunch at the half-way rock
Jodi and David show they're ready to finish this work
Iva, John, David, and Jeanne cut open the last section
John triumphs over invasives
The PATC crew at the end of the project - thinking of liquid refreshments to come

Members of the PATC Charlottesville Chapter and the Flying McLeods trail crew, ably assisted by two Boy Scouts and their leader from Herndon, VA, cleared 1.8 miles of the A.T. south of Loft Mountain Campground on September 10, 2016.