Little Calf Mountain

On Top of Old Calf Mountain

Members of the PATC began work to locate the A.T. across the summit of Little Calf Mountain in the late 1960s, when most of the land was privately owned by a family who were friendly to both the SNP and the A.T. Still, the land was privately-owned. The Appalachian Trail Park Office of the National Park Service began negotiations to acquire what would become the A.T. corridor in the 1970s, following the extension to the National Trails System Act. PATCers, with the permission of the landowners, began the task of clearing the summit of Little Calf by hand in the 1980s. However, no formal, blazed trail was permitted from the A.T. to the summit through the 1990s. We began on-the-ground work in earnest in 2008 and completed and dedicated the trail in the spring of 2012.