Big Calf Mountain

Look at 'em go!
Rob wonders: How did I...?
This fellow was a trail-making machine!
The crew cuts and grades the downslope.
Bob keeps trucking on.
Two youngsters cut the relo into the A.T. above the shelter trail.
Randy paints the first new blaze.
Tom and Mary host the crew to a Feast at Ivy Creek Hut.
The crew had a great time!
Looking north toward Jarman Gap.
It's new, but it looks like it's been there awhile.

In 2010, we mustered members of the Charlottesville Chapter, Southern Shenandoah Valley Chapter, and Acme Treadway Company crew to work with the section overseers, Robin, Randy, and Mike, to relocate the A.T. on Big Calf Mountain between the summit and the blue-blaze trail to Calf Mountain Shelter. These people began and completed the 0.5 mile relocation in a single day!