Brown Gap

What We Found - Cupped Treadway
Cutting and Filling the tread
Well, there's trouble ahead...
Listen and learn, O Crew Leader.
Thank heaven: there's an engineer available.
Yes, it's a jigsaw puzzle.
(Remember, the CCC could use dynamite!)
With patience, things work out.
The treadway is shaping up.
Littering isn't a problem - if you're using leaves!
Aha! These guys did another great job!

In the fall of 2003, the new Acme Treadway Company trail crew set out to rehabilitate the A.T. as it climbs north out of Browns Gap. Four of us spent eight hours (that’s eight hours per person) cutting and filling, regrading, and outsloping the treadway. Plus, we had to reposition, or reset, the capstones of the original crib wall built by the CCC in the 1930s so that they reinforced the cribbing and didn’t present a hiker hazard with loose stone. When eventide approached, we looked at our work and congratulated each other on a job done well. Or, done, at least.