These PDF documents describe how to use and maintain tools commonly used by trail overseers.

Brushcutter Notes

PATC provides Stihl brushcutters to help overseers maintain the A.T. This booklet does not take the place of the Stihl User's Manual—which all should read before first using the tool. It presents an overview on the safe use of these gasoline-powered tools in the backcountry, instead.

Crosscut Saw Manual

This USDA Forest Service manual provides a basic description of how and why a crosscut saw works, tips on building a saw vise, and some experience-tested methods as a guide for achieving a well maintained saw.

Handtools for Trail Work

This USDA Forest Service document is a comprehensive document on the use and maintenance of hand tools involved in trail work. Information collected from industry experts, from interviews with trail crew members, and from extensive literature and abstract market research on the subject provides the text for this document. It stresses safe and efficient tool use. It describes each tool and presents nomenclature and maintenance procedures, including sharpening techniques and handling methods. The document is intended for both experienced and inexperienced trail crews.

The Chain Saw and Crosscut Saw Training Course is a 16- to 32-hour course for basic to intermediate chain saw and crosscut saw users. The course is designed to provide the technical knowledge and skills that employees or volunteers will need to use these tools safely.

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