Report Your Work!

Some overseers feel that once they've finished the trail work for the day, their job is finished.

Well, not really. There's one last step that must be completed—the Trail Worktrip Report. Each time you visit your trail—to inspect, clean waterbars, or renew paint blazes—you must record and report your work to the Club.


Keep your District Manager informed of the conditions on your trail section! If you don't report your worktrips, conditions encountered, and hours, your District Manager may think you’re not doing your job.

If there’s a problem with any trail or trail section in the District, the District Manager learns of it quickly.

  • If you don’t report your worktrips or any problem you have, your District Manager is unable to make arrangements to help you.
  • If your trail or trail section is impassable due to overgrowth or storm damage and you have not communicated with the District Manager, the District Manager must replace you.
    • No worktrip reports = No work.


PATC is required to report all work to our government partners by October 1st of each year. This is an obligation which we have formally agreed to fulfill through our commitment to the Memoranda of Agreement we have executed with the National Park Service, the USDA Forest Service, and state and local agencies. Your work reports are essential to help us meet our obligations.

Your Online Account

You must first register a user account with the PATC Website before you can submit worktrip reports online. To do this, go to the Club Website and Log On:

  • Click the Log On link in the top banner. A login form will appear.
 Website logon
  • Click the Create a new account link in the form.
  • Fill in the information required (*) in the form that appears.

Create account - Contact info

  • Click Submit.
  • The system returns you to the login form.

Submit A Work Report

When you are logged into the PATC Website:

  • Click the link for Worktrip Reporting in the left-hand menu.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link for Trail Worktrip Report Form.
  • The form should show your contact information at the top of the form.

Overseer Info

  • Click the radio button corresponding to your trail district.

Trail District info

  • Click the appropriate radio button to select your trail section.

Trail Section options

  • Enter the date of your worktrip in the Worktrip Date field.

Worktrip Date

  • Check all checkboxes that apply to identify the work you accomplished.

Work Performed Codes

  • Enter the number of people who worked with you in the Number of Workers field.
  • Enter number of hours worked during this worktrip in the Total Work Hours field.

 This is the total number for all who worked with you, including yourself—report to the nearest quarter-hour (00, 25, 50, etc.).

  • Enter the hours expended traveling to and from the work site in the Total Travel Hours field.

 This is the total travel time for all who worked with you, including yourself. You can estimate when necessary—report to the nearest quarter-hour (00, 25, 50, etc.).

Workers & Hours

  • Enter any Comments you want to report to your District Manager.

Worktrip Comments

  • Click Submit when you are finished.
  • Click Log Off in the top banner when you are finished.