It’s possible in the course of your trail work that you may discover vandalism to PATC-maintained shelters, trail centers, maintenance huts, cabins, or outhouses, or misuse of the trail by others.

Bad Behavior

 If you observe behavior by a visitor, tourist, or hiker that should be reported, report it. Try and avoid confrontations as much as possible.

Shelter VandalismShelter Vandalism

You should report any vandalized structures you discover to PATC, your government partner, and your District Manager immediately. Reports will be forwarded to the Cabins Operations and Shelters committees for action.

Trail Issues

Trail misuse covers a range of problems, including:

  • Hunting in areas where this activity is not allowed
  • Logging or construction within the corridor of the Appalachian Trail, or within Park or trail boundaries
  • Vandalism to trailed signs or other markers
  • Illegal dumping at trailheads or along trails
  • Mountain biking or horse travel on trails specifically prohibiting such activity
  • Huge organized overnight hiking groups
  • Partying and drunken behavior at camping locations
  • Driving motorized vehicles on trails where such activity is prohibited

 Hunting is allowed on the A.T. between Manassas Gap Shelter and Sky Meadows State Park, and the George Washington & Jefferson National Forest.

Trail VandalismTrail Vandalism

If you feel the situation is urgent, contact your government partner as soon as possible and contact PATC on the next available business day. All incidents of trail misuse should be reported. Your information could help protect park or trail lands from future damage, and may help build a case against the offender by our government partners.