The South District PATC Hall of Honor

Membership is a Call to Service

Honorary Life Membership

PATC members who have contributed to the club over a long period of time are eligible for recognition with Honorary Life Membership. Nominees have contributed to many areas of the Club and have shown outstanding performance over many years. Honorary Life Members are treated as a Life Member of the Club; no further dues is required of that individual. Recipients receive a plaque identifying the award. Honorary Life members may be nominated by by any member of the Club. The award is approved by the PATC Council.

Myron Avery Award

The highest honor presented by the club, awarded to a single individual for outstanding volunteer activity over the past year. The activity can be in any area of the club and must be of a clearly extraordinary nature. The nominee must be a PATC member and be nominated by a PATC member. The Executive Committee chooses the recipient from the nominees — nominees cannot be current members of the PATC Executive Committee. The recipient’s name is engraved on a bronze nameplate with the year of the award displayed on a plaque at PATC headquarters. The recipient will also receive an appropriate memento. This award can only be presented to an individual once.

Hawksbill Award

This award is presented by each crew, district, committee, chapter, section, Trail Patrol, and SMRG to a PATC member who has shown outstanding volunteer performance over the last year. Individuals receiving this award are selected by their respective crew leader, district manager, committee chair, and chapter/section/Trail Patrol president. Recipients receive a certificate of recognition of this award and a memento such as a rocker bar with the name of the award.

PATC Service Award

The Service Award is presented to members with outstanding volunteer service over the past year. Nominees are selected by the crew leader, district manager, committee chair, or president of the chapter/section. There is no limit to how many service awards are presented. Recipients receive a certificate with their name and the award title and a rocker bar with the name of the award.

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Honorary Life Member
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2018 Al Gerber
 2015 Radar Raynor
2012 Mark Gatewood
2011 Alvin Dove
Hawksbill Award
2018 Kate Hoffmeyer
2017 Kevin Williams
2016 Harry Hicock
2015 Rich Powley
2014 Beverley Carver
2013 Alan Gerber and Michael Wagner
2012 Heather Warren
Service Award  2013 – 2018 Recipient List